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What is Essential Evolution?

Essential Evolution was founded by Tim Cooper in 2012. While continuing to build a strong network marketing business through educating people in the therapeutic use of doTERRA essential oils, Tim recognised the importance of developing a brand and culture that people would enjoy being part of and contributing to.

Of course not everyone wants to build a business and we respect that. We are passionate about the many health benefits the doTERRA products have to offer and are happy to work with people no matter what they wish to achieve. Whether you just want to -

  • use the product to improve your own health or the health of your family
  • share the doTERRA products with family and friends, or
  • build a business,

the team at Essential Evolution is here to ensure you get the most benefit possible from the products.

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About This Site

This site has been created as a training and education resource. Whether you are just surfing the net looking for information on essential oils, a current customer or a member of our team, we will be posting information, resources and tools that we believe you will find useful, topical and informative.

Your feedback is always welcome so please shoot me an email at Tim.Cooper@EssentialEvolution.com.au with any questions or suggestions you may have.